Advertising in Online Media! The Future is here!

Beams Mag is a online magazine with a rich media features such as videos, photos and links to enhance advertisements. It will be promoted to subscribers through their newsletters and advertisements. In this manner, they will be able to accurately reach out to potential readers who will fit the demographics and psychographics of our magazines
target audiences.

The good news to be promoted online is that onlline media or digital advertisements are customisable. Embed a video, photo or have your logos link to a direct webpage so when a reader taps on the logo, your webpage will appear. Besides this, the benefits of interactive advertisements are varied and far-reaching. They encourage participation, so the impact and rate of recall in the minds of the consumers are amplified. 

Types of advertisement:
- Header Ads
- Banner Ads 
- Pop-up Ads
- Video Ads
- Slideshow Ads
- Display Ads
- Social media Ads

If you would like to make any inquiries of advertising and promotion opportunities, you may email to